On The RODE Again

I started this journey with a friend's borrowed #mic (my wife had borrowed it to record singing) that we had set up in our closet full of clothes. I had read up on people making nice #VO work in make shift booths like this soooo in I went! That mic was an #AKG120.

Over a couple years and a few VO classes. I upgraded my mic and closet space (we moved) to an #AKG220 and office closet with some acoustic padding and moving blankets. "NOW WE R COOKIN WIT GREASE", as the old folks use to say. I have used this mic diligently as I continued to evolve in my acting career with this new love for #voiceover .

As my cousin always says, "A man can accomplish anything as long as he has the right tools"! Which brings me to this #RODENT1 ... this is my grandest piece of vo equipment to date! So smooth, like a 👶👶🏽* (you get where I'm goin)!!! Well I just felt like sharing this triumph on to the next blog... or to be continued when I get that BIG BOY #RODE or that #Neuman ! 😉

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